Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yummy ! 

One of the reasons why my suitcase is very heavy when we 
are coming back from Denmark is that I always bring (a lot) of 
my favourite candies :o) 
I have a very Danish sweet tooth ! 

Have a niiiiiice Thursday. 
Time for me to go to work and get back into "reality" 

Vi ses !  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Home Sweet Home 

We are back home and it was very hard and sad to say goodbye to family 
and friends, but it is also nice to be back at our little house... 
Mr. J and Naisha were very happy to have us back home yesterday 
and we were greeted with tons of hugs and kisses :o) 

I am home today, I am totally jet-lagged, have been up since 3am. 
I am going back to work tomorrow and it should help getting 
me back into our US routines and times :o) 

 Have a nice Wednesday bloggers, time for me to unpack the rest and 
have lunch with my Mr J. .. he should be here soon... :o) 

P.S. ... the pillows (in our bedroom) are from Danish By Nord and 
they came back with me from Denmark... 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter Bloggers and "hej" from Denmark 

Sorry I have not made any post since we arrived to Denmark, but we 
are having too much fun :o) No, I actually forgot my cable to my camera and 
cannot transfer any pictures to the computer. 

We are having a great time spending time with the family, seeing 
friends, shopping and just being spoiled :o) 
Today we are going camping with my bff Tanja and her family. 
Ada has been looking forward to this for days because her 
Danish bff (my friend's daughter) Julie will be there and I know they are going to 
have sooo much fun those two girls. 
 I know it is going to be some great days with a lot of laughs for all of us. 

Have a wonderful Easter everybody and as soon as I am back in the US I will 
post pictures from our Denmark trip and also show you some of 
my new stuff I bought for our little house :o) 

See you next week :o) 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Denmark here we come....

Oh Yeah. Today we are going to Denmark ! I am picking up Ada 
from school at 1.00 and after a bath, some food and some daddy time
with Mr. J, we are on our way to the airport to catch our flight. 

See you when we are in Denmark.... 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday Inspiration 


Who does not want this outdoor space??! 
What a view !! 

Happy Wednesday bloggers.... 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Tuesday 

Have a nice Tuesday. 
It is raining by us and we will definitely need to 
bring our umbrellas today.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday Birthday Party

Miss Somebody had a fun day yesterday celebrating her 
bff from school's birthday

The girls were picked up in a very pink limousine and taken 
to the Sweet & Sassy Salon & Spa to be pampered and have a good time.

And they did.... 

They had pedicures..... with a cute little toe ring 

Got their hairs done....

Then it was time for a fashion show and to dance... 

A day full of fun looking sassy and classy 
and feeling like a princess... 

We had a lot of fun and I was invited to ride back in the limousine. 
My first time riding in a limousine. 
Oh yeah baby, was I happy :o) 

The weather is beautiful today and I am ready to enjoy this day to the fullest. 

Have a great Sunday